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School Solar Energy

We specialise in the design and supply of Renewable Energy saving systems. Our aim is to provide sustainable power to meet schools’ energy requirements which will enable you to make a saving on outgoings. At the same time we will provide a software package that will educate the children in the benefits of renewable energy sources.

Our MCS accredited team will work with you to provide beneficial cost savings by using solar power, heat systems or low energy lighting.

Please give us a call 0800 9755 648 for more details and to arrange a free site survey.

We are aware of the demanding role planning plays on school budget-setting. There is ever-increasing pressure to find ways to offer energy efficient solutions.

Solar panel systems capture the sun’s energy and convert the cells into electricity. How can solar energy help your school?

Solar Panel Benefits:

Solar Power for SchoolsReduced electricity bills; individuals often think that solar panels need direct sunlight to produce a return. This is not the case as solar panels will still generate electricity on more cloudy days.

Creating income from the electricity generated; there are specific Government schemes that offer income for electricity. Furthermore it is an option to sell back surplus to the grid.

There are many options available with regards to solar energy. Larger systems provide a more cost-effective solution but may not be achievable with restricted budgeting.

Solar systems require little maintenance; however, it is important that –

– The panels are relatively clean

– That trees do not grow over the panels

– That maintenance checks ensure that everything is working as it should do

If you have any questions about this we are happy to help. If we are not able to answer your question we will go away and ensure that your query is answered comprehensively. Furthermore, we invite you to call today to enquire about how we can help.

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